Invest Analytiq

helps to lay the foundation for long term growth

Growth requires investment in infrastructure. Large investment decisions require robust financial models to support your experience and intuition, to better understand the critical success factors, assumptions, risks and sensitivities.


Support experience with financials

Experienced bosses often know from what is the right investment for their business, but it is equally important to counter-balance gut-feel with a robust financial model to better understand the impact of possible variables.

A financial investment model will support the decision-making process, add justification and and help avoid mistakes.  

Business Analytiq
Business analytiq

Prepare clear summaries 

Steering committee’s and Board will want a regular update on the decision making process for large investment decisions.

Preparing clear summaries that present the key numbers are a critical part of the process to reach clarity and consensus.

Establish clear governance

The process and approvals for Capital expenditure projects should ensure approved projects are scoped, documented and approved by the appropriate experts and bosses.

We can help you review and implement the required controls based on the profile of your business.

Business analytiq