How to set up a price index in ProcureAnalytiq

Here is a detailed explanation of how to set up the benchmark price index

Step 1 Set up the baseline index

This is essentially a list of pricing or an index representing the price development of a product or category. It will form the baseline for your index.

Here follows a description in a number of steps

Step 2 Set up the benchmark price index

This is essentially the process of setting up a benchmark index, either of direct market price index, or an indirect price index based on other feedstocks or cost drivers.

Here follows a description in a number of steps

Step 3 Analyze and fine-tune the outcome

Once your first index has been set up, you will need to fine-tune the outcome. The key focus is on the statistical correlation of the cost-drivers with the baseline price index. The change syou could make are:

  • To change the cost-drivers
  • To change the value % of the cost-drivers
  • To change the forward number of months
  • To change the averaging function
  • To change the index date (this does not change the statistical correlation)

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ProcureAnalytiq enables user to faster reaction to market changes, better negotiations, automated forecasting of material pricing, better internal and external communication, and ultimately reduces direct Raw Material prices.

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