Profit Analytiq helps deliver increased profit margins

Better insight on leading indicators, pricing and cost structure benchmarks leads to  opportunities to deliver increased profit or growth. 


React faster to market changes

Tracking leading indicators of relevant market trends enables proactive actions.

BusinessAnalytiq has developed a tool to help establish, prove and track benchmarks relevant for your business, and will update those on a monthly basis.

What would you give to be able to see relevant market developments before competition?

business analytiq
Business Analytiq

Deliver increased profit margin

Benchmarking your profit & loss versus competition will provide critical reflection points on category strategy, pricing, differentiation, service levels and functional cost structures.

This will highlight opportunities to drive profit, or deliver growth.

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Get more from functional costs

Benchmarks can provide an indication of how competitors make different choices to service a market.

Benchmarking your functional costs will highlight areas of opportunity to reduce cost or improve services and support.

Business Analytiq
Business Analytiq

Drive category profit and growth

We look at the profitability of key categories and examine it from a point of view of “cost-to-serve” analysis.

This promotes a deep understanding of customer needs, and complexity in services and products.

This enables a clear product and service agenda to drive change and increased growth and profitability.

Get your own private CFO

Regular reviews of the key trends in a profit & loss enable you to understand and react quickly to pressures and opportunities. Ideally this is monthly, but quarterly is the minimum interval.

I am available to support a monthly or quarterly process and act as CFO or mentor to support your process, or help prepare analysis and presentations

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Business Analytiq
business analytiq

Improve pricing processes

The most critical driver of business profit is the pricing processes to ensure a strong top line. Developing a clear approach to commercial excellence is the starting point for most profit improvement programs.

Business Analytiq can review of a range of commercial processes, such as pricing policies and price increase programs, with clear feedback on where to strengthen commercial processes