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We provide support on managing the financial risks and opportunities of your business

Caught between the feeling that you are not spending enough time on the financials, but know that your interest and value lie in running your business? Why not consider to hire someone to support you with the financial management?

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Finance business-partnering

Our team specialises on providing business support from a finance perspective focusing on understanding the key drivers of your business and providing your financial support where needed

Regular calls

We set up a monthly or quarterly call to look through your business with you and give feedback from a financial perspective. We will keep the minutes and ensure the follow up is done with your people where required. 

Financial analysis

We will look into any specific financial issues that are important and taking your attention away from your business or may become a financial risk

Regular reporting

We will set up regular automated reporting process to support a monthly review process, and target the critical success drivers of your business.

Financial planning

We support your financial planning and decision making from a financial point point of view. It is invaluable when you are planning large investments to get objective and professional outside-in financial input 

Business analytics & decision making

We can support you in deep-dives in specific areas of your business such as analytics, benchmarking, segmented profit analysis or decision making support.

Business analytics

We support you with detailed analysis of key issues ranging from you search traffic to the management of your inventory.  


We support you to find suitable industry and process benchmarks to support you to target specific areas of improvement for your business

Segmented profit analysis

We support companies to understand the profit of key customers, business segments or even the cost of complexity

Financial decision making

We build large scale financial models to support companies with a financial view of the impact of their decisions and the ability to test the sensitivity of their assumptions

Finance, accounting & tax

Besides the finance business partnering and business analytical functions, we can take the full management of the financials of your hands leaving you free to run your business

Bookkeeping service

We will support you to outsources your full bookkeeping service to a professional team in the Philippines. We do not take any commission for this service either from your or from the bookkeeping company

Financial management

Our team manages all aspects of your regulatory reporting, and treasury functions on a lowest cost basis.

Tax management

We look at all aspects of your tax optimization and discuss ways with you to reduce your tax bill