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BusinessAnalytiq establishes benchmarks, leading indicators, early warnings & forecasts relevant for your business

business analytiq procurement analytics

Business Analytiq


BusinessAnalytiq is an online tool to track relevant market developments, key benchmarks & leading indicators for you.

BusinessAnalytiq means you will always have the best market awareness in the room, leading to better discussions, faster decisions, better negotiations, better raw material prices, better internal and external communication, and ultimately lower risk and higher profit.


Automate outlooks & forecasting

Simplify forecasting by using indirect market futures to predict future prices for key raw materials.

Forecasting prices is likely to be in the ball-park for the coming 0-2 moths, indicatively correct based on critical cost-drivers for the coming 2-4 months.

Beyond that, the most sensible approach to forecasting is to automate the process based on market futures.

BusinessAnalytiq software enables you to automate the forecasting of direct raw materials

Anticipate material price increase (and know when to target price decreases!)

Tracking prices against market benchmarks will help to highlight opportunities for cost saving and risks of future price increases.

BusinessAnalytiq is designed to help establish, prove and track benchmarks against for your pricing.

Benchmarks can be single direct benchmarks, or complicated, multi-layered indirect benchmarks

procureanalytiq procurement analytics
procureanalytiq procurement analytics

Target structural cost savings

Understanding an approximate cost breakdown will help you to identify product categories with excessive margins, where you need to establish more competitive pressure

BusinessAnalytiq is designed to help establish, prove and track cost breakdowns for your categories.

Benchmarks can be constructed from single cost elements, or multiple fixed and variable cost elements

Get early warning on changes

Getting an early warning on changes in the market, allows you to adapt accordingly. 

For example -leading indicators of price developments can help to indicate a trend of increasing or decreasing prices, enabling you to adapt your inventory accordingly protecting your profit and cash flow

Business Analytiq

Hold suppliers accountable

Ever notice that many suppliers are quick to pass on price increase, but too slow to reduce them?

Too often price increases from suppliers are justified on short term cost driver price increases, but those increases are not reversed when the cost driver prices are reduced.

BusinessAnalytiq helps to link your RM prices to the cost driver prices of your suppliers, and will alert you when it is time to push the supplier for price decreases (often based on the suppliers justification for price increases….)

Save time & effort in procurement

Most procurement teams track prices against market indicators. BusinessAnalytiq will reduce this process to minutes each month.

BusinessAnalytiq will allow users to share the data and simplify the actionable conclusions to simple charts to speed up preparation time for negotiations.

BusinessAnalytiq has an inbuilt database of commodities, currencies and statistics to give you the data you need.

procureanalytiq procurement analytics

Monitor the market

We offer a service where we monitor all relevant non-numerical market developments for your industry.

Once per week we will update a list of articles, posts, news items and customer or suppliers updates. Depending on which developments you which to be updated on.

Be the best informed person in the room! 

Improve stakeholder communication

BusinessAnalytiq will help to communicate market changes to sales and business colleagues and even customers, if that is appropriate.

BusinessAnalytiq will track market prices of different benchmarks and translate those into a single index relevant to product categories.

This will allow you to explain market developments to internal stakeholders, as well as explain price changes to external customers if required.


Turning data into actions

Mike’s great strength is his ability to turn data into implications and recommendations to improve the business. Mike’s style to do this as a colleague suggesting and recommending leaves room to discuss and build on input. The combination of strong insight and openness to discuss makes him a success. He then builds solid plans to structure the approach. The combination is an asset.

Clayton Strong

Practical solutions to drive business performance

Mike is a knowledgeable and practical business professional, who is an outstanding business partner for any owner. His focus is entirely on finding practical solutions to drive business performance, bringing a whole team along with him on a journey that leads to strong bottom-line improvement. His strength is to focus on the areas that really matter and to understand them thoroughly.

Milan Neklapil