This post is a summary of the Aluminium price index developments since 2005 as per the IMF. The developments are expressed as an index and not in absolute terms. Therefore the Aluminium price index means that the values provided are relative to Jan 1 2019 which is defined as 1.00.


Aluminium price index

Further sources of information on the Aluminium price index:

Price converter


What am I looking at?

This the trend of the pricing, indexed at 1.1.2019. So it does not show the actual price, but only the price trend.

What if i want to know the real prices?

Real prices vary greatly depending on the source. With the exception of pure commodities, every commercial transaction is at a different price. So it is difficult to provide a “real” price.

So, the price trend development is a summary of trends from different available sources. Those sources do not align on the absolute price, and not on the overall trend. However, over time, the trend can be calculated as an approximation.

I have added a tool for you to calculate the price on one date, based on an assumed price at another using the Index tool.

Can i rely on these trends?

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