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Silica Gel price index

This post is a summary of the Silica Gel China price developments since 2017. The price developments are expressed as a price index in US$ prices converted at current FX rates, which are the FX rates applicable at the time the price was valid. Silica Gel China price index developments are calculated from multiple separate sources of data to ensure statistical accuracy.

Further information on the Silica Gel price index


What is silica gel

Silica gel is a form of silicon dioxide, a naturally occurring mineral. It is a granular, porous material that absorbs moisture and is often used as a desiccant, or a substance that absorbs moisture to help keep products dry.

Silica gel is commonly found in small packets or sachets and is often included in packages with items that are sensitive to moisture, such as electronics, medications, and food products. The packets are labeled “Do not eat” because although the gel is nontoxic, it is not meant for consumption.

Silica gel can be regenerated, or made to absorb moisture again, by heating it to a high temperature. This makes it a reusable and environmentally friendly option for moisture control.


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Notes on the price-data

  • We are continually improving our data collection and processing methods and data will be updated from time to time as we improve the accuracy
  • We are working hard to upgrade the algorithm before April 1, 2023 and a further fine-tune by July 1, 2023
  • This the index trend of the price of the product group in general and not a single specification in particular
  • The data is presented in US$
  • The chart shows the price trend,  nearly always taken from many statistically-correlated sources